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We provide training and consulting services to help your business adopt AI processes. From coders to business people, we've got you covered. Watch you and your teams' productivity take-off, along with quality, speed, and customer experience. Tailor-made solutions for you.

20% increase in profit margins for businesses

Are usually seen with AI adoption and automations

How our AI and Automation agency works

We listen to you to understand your business AI training and consulting needs. We develop and provide you with custom tools you need to get up and running with AI-powered, and automated processes. 


We map out your processes

We'll create a visual map of all your systems, manual tasks, and apps.


We create a plan and resource

We'll think about the basics and curate the lessons and tools you need


You build & test

Learning by doing is the best way to see results! Apply relevant case studies.


We iterate and support you

Get feedback on your progress and ideas for future training/tooling.

Custom prompts, Big profits:

Tailor-Made Messaging That Transforms Stakeholder Engagement

The possibilities are endless for AI and Automation

Unlock unseen efficiency: automate the ordinary, achieve the extraordinary with AI

Sales and marketing automation

Content creation, full-funnel automation, lead routing, CRM, payments, social media management, and more.

Image, voice, text, and video analysis

Analyse different media to summarise, classify or automate actions based off keywords, sentiment, identity, etc.

Predictive analytics

Make data-driven insightful decisions through real-time analytics. Maximise return vs risk through forecasting.

Conversational AI

Chat bots, customer service, sales, automatic replies, understanding documents and company materials, fine-tuned using prompt engineering.

Project management

Improve team collaboration and streamline standard processes like onboarding, accounting, invoicing, and admin

Employee Superpowers

Save your staff hours of mundane tasks and boost their productivity. Create AI agents to delegate functions.

Data silos

Automate data entry, collection, transfer, cleansing and reporting for accurate decision making.

Customer service

Most customer service questions are similar and can be automated. The fine-tuned current generation of tools are up to the job.

Connect apps

Most of your apps can be integrated with each other for instant hand offs. Mimic workflows through chains of interactions. 

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